Press release

Driel 1 Februari 2014


BeesandUs releases “The Lives Of Others” debutalbum


BeesandUs have made an extraordinary CD with guest musicians Andre Heuvelman (trumpet) and Carl B. Hoyng (sax) which is released on Februari 1st.


After longtime experiences in their studio, BeesandUs (Chris Petter and Menno Baas) have decided to produce their own album now and have asked Andre Heuvelman (Dutch reed ensemble, Rotterdam philharmonic orchestra) and Carl B. Hoyng (De nieuwe Galukken) to perform on the album as well.

This cooperation resulted in a startling style and sound which is difficult to categorize.

Dark Jazz Ambient Bristol sound Lounge Fusion is just a approximation of their style.


Samples taken from Youtube have been used wherein for example a young talented Iranian violinist (On principle all music is forbidden in Iran!) plays his violin illegal on the streets of Teheran and fitted wonderfully well in “Spicey Food” the no. 4 track on the album “The Lives Of Others”

An Iranian singer called Ba Ba, performs on the same track, accompanied by a traditional Iranian flute (Farsi Ney)


Combined with influences from different musicstyles, decades and countries this is an album which will not bore easily.


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