Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota – McEwen Law Firm has unparalleled reputation for success in personal injury lawsuits. The experienced lawyers here are committed to help individuals who wish to file Yaz lawsuit. Yaz is a popular oral contraceptive for women to prevent pregnancy. Studies have proved that these pills have serious side effects. As these products are still being marketed and sold, the number of women suffering from its hazardous impact is on the rise.

Stroke, heart attack, DVT and pulmonary embolism are the major side effects associated with this medication. Drospirenone, a major component of the pill can increase the potassium level in the human body. This can cause blood clotting in various parts of the body. The clots in the legs and pelvis are painful. It can be devastating when the blood clots travel to vital organs. The clot that breaks off can travel to any part of the body including brain, heart or lungs. If it lodges there, the blood flow to these organs ceases and can prove fatal.

McEwen Law Firm offers a helping hand to those women who have suffered the aftermath of these serious health conditions. Survivors of stroke, heart attack and other medical conditions spend months of their life in hospitals. They are burdened with huge medical bills. Loss of income due to the illness would also contribute to the financial burden. Yaz lawsuit can help the sufferer recover these costs that can help the person to move on. The financial aid can be a help to the victim’s family as well.

Yaz attorney must be contacted as early as possible if the individual has been identified to be suffering from the side effects of the drugs. McEwen Law Firm offers the necessary information on the time limit for filing a lawsuit. This deadline is influenced by factors like the location of the person and when she has started taking the pills.

The clients need not pay the legal fees to the Yaz lawyer unless they win the case. The compensation recovered covers lost wages, medical costs, emotional sufferings, rehabilitation and more. The manufacturing company of these drugs is obliged to pay for the damages caused by their product.

McEwen Law Firm owns a website that consists of comprehensive information about these birth control pills. Side effects of these drugs, symptoms of medical conditions caused by these pills, lawsuit procedures and more are discussed in detail to spread awareness. Instead of remaining silent sufferers, the victims should visit to know more about the condition and seek help from the lawyers.