The .mts format, or more officially known as the .m2ts, is the primary video format that is used for Blu-ray discs. In fact, the complete name of this container file format is the Blu-ray Audio Video MPEG-2 Transport Stream (BDAV M2TS). As with many other container formats, the exact function of the .mts format is to multiplex compatible media data streams together.

Maybe you will have hard time when you deal with .mts file and windows movie maker, just like bellow:

“How to convert mts/m2ts files from a panasonic HDC-TM80 into a usable format?

the camera came with software called HD Writer AE 3.0 which only gives me the option to convert the mts/m2ts files to mpeg-2, which is bad quality. anyone know of legitimate non-trial software that i can use to convert these files to more usable forms like mpeg-4/avi/wmv without loss of quality?”

“How do I convert .mts files to .wmv?

I’m trying to help my little sister with her history homework. Her and her friends filmed a video for it. She asked me to convert the file into wmv so they can use it. The camera filmed it as mts. I can’t find a program anywhere that will convert the whole video. I tried a few that I found on google, but they don’t convert the full video. One I have tried will only convert 20 seconds of it before you purchase the program. Another will only convert half of the total video, and only if the whole thing is under 5 minutes.”

Doremisoft MTS to WMV Converter is specially designed for converting MTS to Windows Media Video and other multimedia formats as well like AVI, MPEG4, FLV, etc. With the converter in hand, you can effortlessly import or transfer .wmv video to Windows Media Player and Movie Maker for playback or editing.


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You can learn how to convert MTS to WMV:

Step 1: Free download MTS to WMV Converter, install and launch it.

Step 2: Press “Add File” to load MTS file to the software.

Step 3: Choose “HD Video”-> “HD WMV Video” as output format. You can also specify the folder to store the .wmv video.

Step 4: Customize MTS video under the options of “Clip” or “Edit”.

Step 5: Click “start” to begin converting.

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