Vlissingen, October 2019 - Highly toxic and environmentally harmful extinguishing foams have recently found the attention of international media as of catastrophic PFAS damages to the environment and to humans.

The reported damages caused by so called AFFF Foams, that contain highly toxic, in most products strictly banned PFCs (Perfluorocarbons) are staggering. They reach from contamination of soil, rivers, industrial facilities and their employees up to groundwater and oceans.

The CEO of Prevent Tec BV in Vlissingen enthusiastic explains about the performance of the non-toxic, PFAS-free high-performance extinguishing foam that experts believe can not exist. According to common expert opinion, true for more than 30 years, an extinguishing concentrate without PFCs can only provide a small fraction of the performance of toxic AFFF foams.

But the highlights of IFoam Marine read different: 100% PFC free, non-toxic, biodegradable, higher foam stability, higher range of throw, up to 50% higher extinguishing performance and lower consumption. All compared to high-performance products containing toxic PFCs.

Further this “too good to be true product” has obtained MED (Marine Equipment Directive) Certification M19020 – M19040, based on the IMO MSC 1 Circ. 1312/ 2009, Corr.1 2011, a complex testing row for salt-water performance and is certified to be sold on commercial vessels.

“Today we hold the first MED certified extinguishing concentrate for the marine sector in our hand, that is not only PFC-free and non-toxic, but can also overtake the hazardous AFFF-competition with outstanding performance. It is a small revolution in this area and we are proud to be part of it !”.

Prevent Tec BV is working closely together with PREVENT TEC GmbH, a Germany based company with more than 10 years of experience in high performance foams.

  • IFoam Marine - non-toxic, PFC-free high-performance class A / B foam.
  • FireEx 600 - FireEx PRO – PyroEx - highly effective and highly concentrated extinguishing firefighting spray. With a suitability for fire classes A / B / C / D / F, a spray length of 5 meters.
    Especially for high-light / magnesium torches, Bengal torches, Molotov cocktails, etc.


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